More than just a vineyard


Naturally vegan.

The international V-Label seal guarantees the exclusive use of vegetable raw materials in the production of Altos de Torona wines.

There is a place in the world in which the land gives back the dedication invested in it…

… in which grapes drink from both the ocean and the river, and then sleep a siesta in the sun. The Atlantic Ocean gives them force and vigour that grows in strength with the predominant winds of the West, and the River Miño sweetens them, making them more tender. Because uniting the two types of water in these south-facing vineyards, which accentuate the microclimate of the Rías Baixas is also pairing. Altos de Torona is more than just a modern and experienced winery; it is an ecosystem of almost 100 hectares, specially designed to grow and mature wines sustainably and integrated into Nature… For this reason, we only produce what comes directly from our own vineyard, because there is no other place in the world like this.



Aging in the land
of eighteen butterflies.